Hilarious House of Frightenstein Complete Series DVD-R


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The brilliant camp classic Canadian TV show of the 70s, featuring the quintessential horror king, Vincent Price. This live action show, which combined variety, humor, top 40 music, and educational segments, were all flavored by the spice of mock horror, at Castle Frightenstein.

Please note: This is all 130 episodes of the cult classic "Hilarious House of Frightenstein" in MP4 format, spanned over 4 DVD-R's. Your DVD player must be able to play MP4 files in order to watch. There is no menu. See photos below. The episodes can be selected with your remote, or also watched on your computer. These were recorded from Canadian cable, and have a logo in the bottom corner. Some musical sequences were removed due to royalties issues. Although these are DVD-Rs, they will be packaged in a Blu Ray case.