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The Bugaloos was an American children's television series, sort of the British version of the Monkees, produced by brothers Sid & Marty Krofft, airing on NBC on Saturday mornings from 1970 to 1972. The show featured a musical group composed of four British-accented teenagers, who lived in fictional Tranquility Forest. They wore insect-themed outfits (Wayne Laryea / Harmony (a bumblebee) / keyboards, John Philpott / Courage (a ladybug) / drums, Caroline Ellis / Joy (a butterfly) / percussion, lead and backup vocals, and John McIndoe / I.Q. (a grasshopper) / guitars and lead vocals) with antennae and wings which allowed them to fly, though, on occasion they were shown flying on surfboards, and were constantly beset by the evil machinations of Benita Bizarre (played by Martha Raye) who, being untalented and ugly herself, was covetous of the Bugaloos' musical prowess. Benita was aided by two bumbling henchmen, the anthropomorphic speakers Woofer and Tweeter (Joy Campbell and Van Snowden), and her chauffeur and chief flunky, the German-accented Funky Rat (Sharon Baird). She frequently made use of a powerful ultrasonic weapon called the Stereo Zapper, which could render its victim unconscious in seconds. 

This is the entire "The Bugaloos" series. Available as a region-free disc Blu Ray set, or a region-1 3-Disc DVD set. The quality is exactly the same as the high-priced out of print DVD set. The Blu Ray set will play on a Blu Ray player or PS4. It will not play on Xbox.

Ark II was officially released on DVD in 2006 and is now out of print, being sold for upwards of $300 on Amazon.