Enos: The Almost Complete Series (12 of 18) on one Blu Ray disc


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Enos, the popular deputy from Hazzard County (on “The Dukes of Hazzard”), is recruited for a special Los Angeles Police Department metro squad after he single handedly captures two of America’s most wanted felons. He works with a tough, ghetto-bred black cop named Turk (Samuel E. Wright) who adjusts to Enos’ country style.

This spin-off of The Dukes of Hazzard is extremely rare, and difficult to find. Here are 12 of the 18 episodes. Most of the episodes play very well. Please do not expect HD quality. These have never been shown since the original 1980/1981 airings and are taken from 40 year old VHS tapes. Please see screen shots for quality examples. Refer to the list below for particular notes on each episode. 

S1 E1 · Enos (missing end credits)
60 min · Nov 12, 1980

Enos helps the LAPD to solve a prostitution and blackmail case using his hometown methods.

S1 E2 · Uncle Jesse's Visit (missing)
60 min · Nov 19, 1980

Uncle Jesse comes to Los Angeles to visit Enos and see how the new job is going.

S1 E3 · Where's the Corpus? (complete)
60 min · Nov 26, 1980

A well-known mobster is killed, but his body can't be found. Enos is on the case.

S1 E4 · Blu Slu (missing final five minutes)
60 min · Dec 10, 1980

An ex-con seeks revenge on a judge during a police protest when only Enos is working.

S1 E5 · Grits and Greens Strike Again (missing end credits)
60 min · Dec 17, 1980

Enos and Turk meet a silent film star who leads them to a high-class burglary ring.

S1 E6 · Snow Job (complete, doesn’t have teaser)
60 min · Jan 7, 1981

A soda mix-up at a bowling alley leads Enos and Turk to a cocaine smuggling ring.

S1 E7 · House Cleaners (has original commercials, missing end credits)
60 min · Jan 14, 1981

Robber who are impersonating police officers cause problems at the station.

S1 E8 · One Daisy Per Summer (complete)
60 min · Jan 21, 1981

Daisy Duke arrives in Los Angeles and finds herself involved with diamond smugglers.

S1 E9 · Horse Cops (missing)
60 min · Jan 28, 1981

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane comes to Los Angeles and finds excitement.

S1 E10 · The Head Hunter (complete)
60 min · Feb 11, 1981

Enos is accused of stealing $5,000 from a bank robber during the thief's arrest.

S1 E11 · The Hostage (complete, no teaser)
60 min · Feb 18, 1981

Lt. Broggi is taken hostage by counterfeiters, and Enos and Turk work to rescue him.

S1 E12 · Now You See Him, Now You Don't (complete)
60 min · Mar 4, 1981

A bank robber with many disguises tries to stay one step ahead of Enos and Turk.

S1 E13 · Once and Fur All (complete, no teaser)
60 min · Mar 11, 1981

Enos mentors a young boy while investigating a series of robberies.

S1 E14 · Cops at Sea (complete)
60 min · Mar 18, 1981

Enos and Turk investigate a series of boat burglaries at the Marina.

S1 E15 · The Moonshiners (missing)
60 min · Apr 1, 1981

Enos tracks down moonshiners in the city with the help of an old friend from Hazzard.

S1 E16 · The Shaming of the Shrew (missing)
60 min · Apr 8, 1981

Enos and Turk must issue citations to the Deputy Chief's wife, and find an illegal casino.

S1 E17 · Pistol Packing Enos (missing)
60 min · Apr 15, 1981

Enos and Turk have a confusing case involving heroin and bullets.

S1 E18 · Forever Blowing Bubbles (missing)
60 min · May 20, 1981

An ancient Egyptian ruby is stolen from a museum; Enos is on the case.