George of the Jungle Complete Series on Blu Ray or DVD


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Swing into action with Jay Ward's last-produced, classic series, George of the Jungle! Join dim-witted, but big-hearted George as he saves his jungle friends with the help of wife, Ursula, his friend Ape and his "dog", Shep the elephant. All 17 shows are complete with episodes of Tom Slick, the coolest racecar driver this side of Frostbite Falls, and Super Chicken, who's always there to save the day when fowl play's afoot! It's a jungle of fun with a cartoon series kids and adults can enjoy!

This is a single-disc set containing the entire classic 1960's "George of the Jungle" television series (which has Super Chicken and Tom Slick within the episodes). The quality is as good as the out-of-print DVD set. Includes an interactive menu and color artwork, as well as the original unaired pilot.

George of the Jungle was officially released on DVD in 2008 and is now out of print, being sold for upwards of $120 on Amazon.