Hero High: The Complete Series on 2 Blu Rays or 2 DVDs


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Hero High was a 1981–1982 cartoon and live action series created by Filmation that aired as part of NBCs The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! It was about a high school where young superheroes were taught how to use their powers and fight crime. Originally intended to be a new entry in Filmation's long-running line of Archie cartoon series, the 1981 series was altered at the last minute because the company's rights to the Archie characters had expired and new characters had to be created.

This is a 2-Blu Ray Disc set.  The episodes have been upscaled to 720p from the original out of print DVDs. These are region free and will play worldwide on any Blu Ray player or Playstation. Will not play on XBox. A DVD set is also available and is the same quality as the out of print DVD, without any upscaling.