Jason of Star Command Complete Series Blu Ray or DVD


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Jason of Star Command is a 1978-1981 live action television series by Filmation. The series revolved around the exploits of space adventurer Jason (Craig Littler) and his colleagues, including Professor E.J. Parsafoot (Charlie Dell) and the pocket robot "Wiki" (formally W1K1). The series also starred Sid Haig as the evil Dragos, and, in the first season, James Doohan. Jason was inspired by Filmation's 1977 live-action show Space Academy, and used the same robot, Peepo.

This is the complete series on a single Blu Ray disc. The quality is the same as the out of print DVD set. This fan-made Blu Ray set is region free, and will play on all Blu Ray players as well as PS4. It will not play on XBox.

Also available as a 3-Disc DVD set (Region 1)