Land of the Lost 1991 Series Complete Blu Ray


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The Porter family, Tom, Kevin, and Annie get sucked into a prehistoric alternative world while taking a family vacation. The Porters build a tree house, hook up with a few locals, Tasha- orphaned, extra smart dinosaur, Stink-monkey man, and Christa-another human who has lived in the Land of the Lost since she was a little girl. The Porters must deal with living with dinosaurs and avoiding the evil advanced Sleestaks.

By popular demand, this is the complete series on 3 Blu Ray discs. Quality is excellent. Please note that these are not in HD, but it's the best it's ever looked aside from the original broadcast. See photos for example of quality.  Please note that you will require a Blu Ray player or Play Station to play this collection. X-Box will not play this properly.