Lidsville Complete Series Blu Ray or DVD


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Lidsville! Sid and Marty Krofft made some spectacularly bizarre kid's shows for Saturday mornings in the 1970's, but of all their (many) efforts in my book "Lidsville" is the weirdest. It stars Butch Patrick ("The Munsters") as a teenager mesmerized by a magician at a Texas amusement park who falls into the clutches of the evil Hoodoo (Charles Nelson Reilly, in possibly his most over the top role) after falling into a gigantic top hat in his dressing room. After falling he winds up in Lidsville, the land of hats, where he is befriended by the world's worst genie, Weenie, played by the great character actress Billie Hayes (Witchiepoo, etc.)

This is a single-disc Blu Ray set containing the entire Lidsville series. The quality great, and is the same as the out-of-print DVD set. This is a region-free set, and will play on any Blu Ray Machine and PS4. It will not play on X-Box.

Also available as a 3-DVD set (Region 1).