Magic Mongo The Complete Series on Blu Ray


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When teenagers Donald, Lorraine, and Kristy find an old bottle, they discover it is the home of a genie named Mongo (played by Lennie Weinrib). Mongo's magical attempts to help his young masters lead to many wacky misadventures.

This series aired during season 2 of The Krofft Supershow in 1977, and has never been released officially.

This is the complete series on a single Blu Ray disc. There are 16, 15 minute episodes. The original teasers are included, as well as the Krofft Supershow bumper in the middle of each episode. The source for this is an early 2000's airing on Southern California's COX 3 channel. These are the best quality copies of the series available. It's the same source as season 1 of Bigfoot and Wildboy, and season 2 of Wonderbug, if you have those sets from this website.