New Adventures of Lone Ranger and Zorro on Blu Ray 3 Disc Set


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"RETURN WITH US TO THE THRILLING DAYS OF YESTERYEAR! The most famous question of the Old West is ""Who was that masked man?"" The hero of the dusty plains is the Lone Ranger, clad in a black mask and carrying a gun loaded with silver bullets. Riding with Tonto, his faithful Indian sidekick, the Lone Ranger fights injustice on his galloping horse Silver, leaving behind a cloud of dust as he lets loose the hearty cry of ""Hi Yo Silver!""

Clad all in black, and raising his sword in the name of justice, he is Zorro, the Latin hero of the South! Secretly nobleman Don Diego, Zorro defends the poor and downtrodden from tyranny and cruelty, with the help of his trusty companion Miguel! His calling card is the letter "Z," a mark he leaves behind with three slashes of his sword to remind evildoers that he is protecting the land. 

This is the complete collection of "New Adventures of The Lone Ranger and Zorro" by Filmation, originally aired on Saturday mornings on CBS during the 1981-1982 season. The original DVD release has been long out of print. Originally released as two separate volumes, this set collects everything into one 3-disc collection. The episodes have been upscaled to 720p and look very nice. The bonus interviews are also included. Complete: all 28 episodes of Lone Ranger and all 13 episodes of Zorro. Please note that this set will play on any Blu Ray player or PS3/4/5, but will not play correctly on Xbox.