Secrets of Isis Complete Series on Blu Ray or DVD


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Oh Mighty Isis! She was Saturday morning's first live-action super-heroine, saving lives and stopping crime in a mini-skirt and go-go boots on The Secrets of Isis! When science teacher Andrea Thomas unearthed a lost treasure on an archeological dig, she found that the mystical amulet endowed her with the powers given to the ancient Egyptian Queen, Isis! Now granted the powers of animals and the elements, Isis soars as the falcon soared, runs with the speed of gazelles, and commands the elements of the sky and the earth. Although her secret identity is unknown to even her closest friends, fellow teacher Rick Mason, or students Cindy Lee and Renee Carrol, Andrea uses her powers as Isis to stop criminals, save lives, right wrongs, and teach valuable lessons... sometimes with the aid of fellow hero Captain Marvel (Shazam!).  Now, you too can be the heir to...The Secrets of Isis!

This is a single-disc fan-made Blu Ray collection containing the entire "The Secrets of Isis" series. It includes interviews, as well as interactive menus and color artwork. The quality is the same as the out of print DVD set. This set is region-free and will play in all Blu Ray players and Playstation 4. It will not play in Xbox.

Also available as a 3-DVD set (Region 1)

The Secrets of Isis was officially released on DVD in 2007 and is now out of print, being sold for upwards of $150-$200 on Amazon.