Shazam! Complete 1981 Animated Series Blu Ray or DVD


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This is the complete 12-episode Shazam! Animated series which was part of The Kid Superpower Hour with Shazam! series, which aired in 1981 on NBC Saturday mornings." It was made by Filmation Productions.

It featured two segments, "Hero High" and "Shazam!" Again, this is only the Shazam! Segments.

These cartoon segments are interspersed with live-action segments that introduced the music and joke telling of the rock group Hero High.

The companion segment, Shazam!, focuses on the adventures of the Marvel Family.

This version of Captain Marvel stayed true to its comic roots. Billy Batson was a boy broadcaster who works with his twin sister, Mary Batson.

Together they were given the powers of six great gods and heroes and whenever they say the name of the ancient wizard, "Shazam", they are transformed into the mightiest mortals. So amazing and sudden is the change that most people don't even realize what has happened.

This series has not been released in the United States officially. These episodes were taken from a Portuguese (Brazilian) release. The original DVD release had a choice to listen in English or Portuguese languages. This is only in English. No subtitles. See photos for quality and menu examples.

**Also available on a 2-Disc DVD Set. Click "Format" to order on DVD.