Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (2016 Version) on Blu Ray


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Johnny and Scotty are two brothers spending the summer in the seaside resort town of Dead Man's Cove, helping their aunt Maxine and cousin Robyn run their cafe. One day, while collecting trash on the beach, they discover a friendly, young sea monster named Sigmund. The boys and Robyn become friends with Sigmund and teach him about the human world. The kids have to keep Sigmund a secret from everyone especially Captain Barnabas who is determined to capture a sea monster and prove their existence.

This is a single-disc Blu Ray set containing all 7 episodes of the 2016 version of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Quality is beautiful. Disc is region-free, and will play on any Blu Ray player worldwide, as well as PS 4. It will not play on XBox.