Spider-Man - The '67 Collection Blu Ray or DVD


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Here they are -- all 52 episodes of Spider-Man's original 1967 classic television series, now completely restored in full color and bursting with spectacular Spidey action! Experience every amazing moment of Spider-Man's first appearance on TV in the animated series that electrified Saturday morning audiences from 1967-1970. Featuring the Web-Slinger's greatest foes, including Dr. Octopus, The Green Goblin, Mysterio, The Rhino, Dr. Magneto, and so many more.

This is the complete series on 2 Blu Ray discs, with menus and color artwork. Please note that these are in standard definition and there are no subtitles/closed captioning. Video quality is exactly the same as the original out of print DVD release from 2004. Please note Blu Ray version will not play on Xbox but will work on PlayStation and regular Blu Ray players  

This set is also available in a 6-DVD format. Just click where it says "Format" and select DVD.