Tarzan Complete Series Blu Ray 1966 Ron Ely


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Premiering on NBC in 1966, Edgar Rice Burroughs' immortal creation, Tarzan, took to the nation's TV screens for the first time. Still in the capable hands of producer Sy Weintraub, the TV Tarzan (Ron Ely) continued the more recent (and more authentic) interpretation of Lord Greystoke as a sophisticated, articulate jungle adventurer as seen in the Tarzan films of Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney and Mike Henry. Also carried over from the big screen was young actor Manuel Padilla (Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, Tarzan and the Great River), now playing the jungle lord's kid sidekick alongside Cheetah, the simian one.

This is a 4-disc, fan-produced Blu Ray set of the entire run of the 1966-1968 live action Tarzan series. The quality is the same as the individual DVD volumes, but in a much more compact set. Features an interactive menu and color artwork/Blu Ray case. These are region-free, and will play on all Blu Ray players and Playstation 4. They will not play on X-Box.