Ghost Busters (Live Action 1975) Complete Series Blu Ray or DVD


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The Ghost Busters is a live-action children's sitcom that ran in 1975, about a team of bumbling detectives who would investigate ghostly occurrences. Fifteen episodes were produced. The show reunited Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch in roles similar to their characters in F Troop.

This single-disc Blu Ray set contains the entire 15-episode run of "The Ghost Busters". The video quality is the same as the out of print DVD set. It includes commentary and interviews, a photo slide show, and interactive menus / color artwork. Disc is region-free and will play on any Blu Ray player and Playstation 4. It will not play on X-Box.

This is also available as a 4-disc DVD set.

Ghost Busters was officially released on DVD in 2007 and is now out of print, being sold for upwards of $200 on Amazon. This set comes from the American release, which has special features, whereas the Australian release was bare bones.