UFO The Complete Gerry Anderson Series on Blu Ray 7 Discs


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The operatives of the secret S.H.A.D.O. organization defend the Earth from Aliens who are abducting humans to obtain organs which can be transplanted into their own bodies.

The first live-action television series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, UFO remains a benchmark sci-fi production, featuring mature storylines and groundbreaking special effects. Long-awaited on Blu-ray, it is presented here in a stunning new High Definition restoration, with all 26 episodes offering original mono or 5.1 soundtracks alongside a wealth of special features, including:

A brand-new feature-length documentary on the making of 
UFO by Jamie Anderson

Rare archive material including textless titles, TV spots, unused footage, Italian trailers, archive interviews, audio outtakes

...and much more!

FULLY PLAYABLE IN THE US AND CANADA! This is the full UK release with the region encoding stripped off. Buy with confidence. This will not play on XBox, but will play on a Blu Ray player and PlayStation fine.