Wonderbug Complete Series Blu Ray


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"Wonderbug" is a children's live-action television series in which three youths - Barry, Susan and C.C. - outwit assorted villains with the assistance of their junkyard car, "Schlepcar," which can magically transform into the crime-busting Wonderbug.

At last! The complete Wonderbug series all on one Blu Ray disc - all 22 episodes. This is a quality fan-created set, with interactive menus, episode synopses, and color artwork. The source is an early 2000's rebroadcast of the original Krofft Supershow. These are uncut, and contain the original teasers for each episode. Two of the second season episodes contain "Cox 3" screen bug throughout the episode, but all are still uncut, and quality is as good as it gets! These are region-free, and will play on all Blu Ray players and Playstation 4. They will not play on X-Box.